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How to increase sales and improve customer service

How to increase sales and improve customer service

by Sasha-Lee de Bod

The age of the consumer has revolutionised the way businesses operate – it has shifted the focus to be more consumer-centric. Trying to increase customers and improve on customer service in this current economic environment might seem daunting and overwhelming at the best of times, but with the right strategies being implemented you will succeed in the long term.

Franchising your business: Downloadable Online Kit – Now available

Franchise by Numbers Kit

Your concept has been working well and growing at a substantial rate. At some point, you’ll think of expanding your business, but how? In current economic times, it is difficult to expand with your own capital but your business could have much potential to grow nationally and even internationally at some point. Franchising can be used as a strategy for dynamic growth to enable you to build a network and improve your model. The franchising expansion mechanism is an exciting one.

Surviving in tough times: The impact of the South African downgrade to junk status

How to survive

By Sasha-Lee de Bod

The recent downgrade status will have a rippling effect on consumers and businesses. According to what we have noticed, the economic conditions are going to get tougher in the months to come and businesses will struggle. Even though smaller companies will struggle to keep afloat there might be buying opportunities for those who want to expand into other sectors.

The current instability of our country will have a less desired effect on global investor confidence thus having a negative impact on mergers and acquisitions.

12 Ways to create a solid support structure to ensure the success of the franchise network

By Sasha-Lee de Bod

You finally started franchising your concept and continuously expanding your network, how do you keep it from all coming tumbling down?  The answer is simple, a good solid foundation – that is where a franchise support structure comes in.  If you want your franchise current franchise network to succeed and continuously grow you would need to allocate time, resources and effort to make it happen. 

Can we create some positivity in this negative environment?

Eric Parker

By Eric Parker

“If you are not willing to work for it
Don’t complain about not having it !!”

There is little or no doubt that we are experiencing a negative period in South Africa. We could fill many articles with all the problems we are facing – political, socio-economical, drought etc.