By Eric Parker

“If you are not willing to work for it
Don’t complain about not having it !!”

There is little or no doubt that we are experiencing a negative period in South Africa. We could fill many articles with all the problems we are facing – political, socio-economical, drought etc.

So from a business point of view we have 2 options:

  1. Be negative and blame the current environment for our failures.
  2. Force ourselves to be positive and make the most of the advantages that the negative environment represents.

As we see it these are some of the positives emerging out of the current environment:

  1. Competitors are negative and are not driving their business forward as they should. Many companies are holding back on new investments and developments. This creates a gap for entrepreneurs.
  2. Suppliers are going through tough times and we can therefore negotiate favourable deals and settlement terms.
  3. For the first time in a long time landlords have vacant sites and we can negotiate favourable leases.
  4. The pool of really good potential franchisees has grown as more people are retrenched.
  5. Larger corporates are holding back on rapid growth leaving gaps for small business.
  6. There is perceived support from government and corporates for job creation.
  7. You can employ good staff at favourable rates and retain them as the job market is tough.
  8. Increase your marketing when your competitors are cutting back on theirs. This will give you a dominant positioning.
  9. Staff incentives and training will work – wowing your customers will boost your brand and staff morale at the same time.

This negative environment often forces you to make changes which ultimately result in improvements.

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