By Eric Parker

We came across a book at the Exclusive warehouse sale and purchased it for under R20-00.

The wisdom we gained for such a low price was amazing and we would like to share that with you.

Book Title: Creating Magic – 10 common sense leadership strategies from life at Disney.

Author: Lee Cockerel

As we read the book we were amazed at how many of his leadership principles
could relate to Franchising. We have selected the most prominent ones and
are sure they will provoke thought and help you run a better franchise system.

1. Take care of your Franchisees and they will take care of your business!

Autocratic top down management/leadership has become less and less welcome. Best leadership principles are now democratic and participative.

2. My way or the highway is replaced by “what do you think?”

3. In terms of drastic change it is the learners who inherit the future.

4. Let the franchisees set goals and suggest ways to achieve them.

5. Franchisees must know they matter and are important.

6. R.A.V.E. Respect Appreciate and value everyone.

7. Communicate clearly directly and honestly.

Give franchisees your full attention when you are communicating with them.

8. Design a set of values and beliefs for your company.

9. Four aspects of treating your franchisees.

(i) Make them feel special.
(ii) Treat them as individuals
(iii) Respect them
(iv) Make them more knowledgeable
10. Be clear about Franchisees responsibilities.
What authority does a franchisee have?.

11. Franchisors need a flat structure.

A flat structure enhances productivity by streamlining the decision process and speeding up follow through.

12. Make much better use of conference facilities.

• Re-think the productivity of meetings.
• One productive meeting a month is better than 4 weekly non productive meetings.
• Invite only people that need to be there.

Consider a monthly conference call with franchisee and essential management team.

13. There are only two types of decisions.

(i) Those that are reversible.
(ii) Those that are not reversible

Give very careful consideration to non reversible decisions.

14. Preventative medicine – Hire the right franchisees – franchisees are your brand.

• Use latest tools e.g. E test to help recruit.
• Hire smart and talented franchisees
• Ask revealing questions

15. Lastly try and catch your franchisees doing something RIGHT. It’s amazing what a little praise can do.

We hope that we have provoked your thought buds and you have enjoyed our take on Disney – Let’s all put a bit of magic back in our business.

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