We believe in the ability of franchising
to achieve true economic empowerment
through small business creation.
Training forms an integral part
of any franchise value proposition.
Franchising Plus
are thought leaders in franchise
development in South Africa.
when implemented correctly
is a powerful tool to grow a business.
We help our clients to achieve
franchise success through hands-on
support and skills transfer.

Corporate Franchising

If you are the manager of a corporate retail network and are considering franchising part or all of its branches you have come to the right place. Franchising Plus has the necessary expertise, practical experience and resources to help develop a franchise or owner operator strategy.

For a corporate business, franchising can be attractive for a variety of reasons, with the following being prominent:

  • Franchising can revitalise tired branches and turn them into dynamic contributors to the network’s sales and profitability in practically no time. This is the result of the “owner behind the counter” syndrome. Experience has shown that owner-operators generally outperform branch managers by a considerable margin.
  • Because in most instances, franchisees are responsible for raising their own capital, scarce financial resources that may be tied up in a sluggish branch infrastructure can be unlocked for investment elsewhere. For the same reason, head office overhead can be reduced because franchisees require less direct supervision than branch managers.
  • Franchising is ideally suited for the implementation of BEE initiatives that are cost-effective and sustainable. Best of all, such initiatives can be implemented without watering down equity in the holding company.

We have worked with many corporate franchisors, several of them household names in their respective sectors. We therefore have the expertise and the resources to design the optimal franchise model for your operation and assist with its implementation.

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