Your concept has been working well and growing at a substantial rate. At some point, you’ll think of expanding your business, but how? In current economic times, it is difficult to expand with your own capital but your business could have much potential to grow nationally and even internationally at some point. Franchising can be used as a strategy for dynamic growth to enable you to build a network and improve your model. The franchising expansion mechanism is an exciting one.

Have a look at the advantages it would have to you as the franchisor:

  • Less capital needed for expansion – you expand with other people’s capital
  • Rapid market penetration is possible
  • Enhanced buying power – you are buying as a group not as an individual
  • Day to day operational efficiencies are improved due to training provided to franchisees to run their own business under your concept
  • More realistic forward planning
  • Better equity position investing in the business
  • Accelerated expansion – we have seen that new franchisors can realistically open 10 stores a year
  • Enhanced brand building – you receive marketing contributions from the franchisee to build the brand
  • Owner-Operators – franchisees have skin in the game and have something to lose so they will work harder to make their business successful, they will be actively involved in the daily operations of the business.

You read up on franchising in South Africa and might start feeling overwhelmed at the development that needs to take place, where does one start, how does it work, will I be able to do this? The answer is simple: Yes you can, if you access the right material to assist you through the process.

Help me!

You need a programme that assists you with a complete business review and with the development of your expansion model, that helps you to understand franchising and implementing the best practices for the development and growth of your business in the comfort of your own environment. Times are tough and you are constantly working in your business, but you need to shift your focus on your business where you strategically plan and develop it to take it to the next level in your own time. There is now an online kit available for you to download and implement in your business, it holistically covers all the elements that you need to know about franchising and what developmental areas are required to get you franchise ready.

The big question you might be asking is “what would this cost me?”

You can franchise your business with this online kit for only R2500. What is more, our experts are a phone call away if you get stuck and need professional help. What are you waiting for, seize the opportunity and stay ahead of your competitors. The time to act is now!

If you would need any assistance or advice you can always make an appointment with our franchise experts and specialist service providers in the industry.

Franchising Plus