Do you ever feel that managing your network of franchisees is like herding cats? You’re not alone.

Franchising Plus deals with a wide range of clients in diverse industries – we are constantly engaging with franchisors and franchisees alike. Over the years we have conducted many franchisee satisfaction surveys on behalf of our clients, covering thousands of franchisees, and have noticed a number of common concerns and complaints:

  • inconsistent and unclear communication processes
    • relying on word of mouth or email is just not good enough for really important things
    • not knowing who has received, read and understood critical communication
    • having no way of knowing who has implemented business and operational requirements
  • countless versions of important documents and files
    • nobody knows which is current or correct, and making changes is almost impossible
    • this includes operations and procedure manuals
  • not knowing there is a problem until it’s too late
    • problem resolution processes and interventions are haphazard and chaotic
  • inconsistent service in the field
    • some franchisees being neglected, while others get all the attention
  • franchisors not always adding value
    • e.g. helping franchisees with common admin issues like monitoring lease renewals
  • drowning in data but little solid information, and often only after the fact (when the information is of little value)

These challenges exist in small organisations but become more visible and risky when the franchise network grows and expands.

We have a solution.

Over the last few years we have built, deployed, tested and refined a franchise management platform to deal with a range of common franchise related challenges.

We designed this system (for obvious reasons we are calling it to meet a few key considerations:

  • A proven, carefully considered system using robust, world leading technologies
  • An affordable platform that can cater to the needs of small and large organisations
  • A modular offering – we only give you, and you only pay, for what you need
  • Multi platform (not limited to expensive and proprietary iPhones or iPads – our platform can run on almost any browser and device)
  • Designed to roll out quickly (we like getting something of value working in a matter of weeks, not months or years)
  • Branded and tailored to your specific needs
  • Built to grow and scale (franchises/brands/users)
  • Built to extend (additional modules and new functionality where appropriate)
  • Built to enable you to focus on your core business (we take care of all the technicalities so you don’t need to)
  • Designed to bring order to the chaos and keep you in control

The modules includes:

  • an online, secure, business operations and procedures manual (OPM)
  • a territory management system to manage your field service consultants and their engagement with franchisees
  • a rich communication platform
  • a data consolidation platform for bringing data from your POS, ERP, accounting systems together with other data for rich, friendly dashboards and reports
  • a process management solution that fits a variety of processes (e.g. resource booking, travel approval, expense management, fleet management, repair tracking,
  • store rollout and revamp tracking etc.)
  • network-wide monitoring, escalation and improved service standards
  • performance management across the organisation
  • opportunities to customise or build specific modules to meet your specific needs is a collaborative venture between Franchising Plus and Wordsparks – with more than twenty years franchise consulting experience; and Strategy Architects – a pioneer in innovation consulting and specialised online software platforms.

Contact us to discuss your business and franchising needs and we’ll arrange a presentation to you and your team.

Franchising Plus