The interview process is a daunting task on any given day, even more so when you are inundated with franchise applications and pressed for time to find the ideal franchisees. The following will assist you with the process and uncover the ideal franchisees you are looking for.

Why is a fair process important in interviewing franchisees?

It’s important to engage in fair processes to ensure compliance with the CPA, specifically:

  • It provides the franchisor with an audit trail for the recruitment process
  • It promotes consistency and fairness in the interviewing process

Interviewing principles

Conducting a structured interview and fair process for all franchise candidates have the following benefits:

  • Equity – each applicant is asked exactly the same set of questions, thereby giving them an equal opportunity to respond
  • Structured interview questions are based on specific competencies that the company has identified as being important to the performance outcomes as franchisee
  • The company knows exactly what competencies they are seeking to assess with each interview question and can then rate each competency separately as opposed to rating the interview as a whole
  • Competency-based interviewing provides the company with valuable information about the applicant’s specific strengths and areas in which they need development and training/coaching in order to get up to speed
  • The company can better identify the applicant’s “capacity to acquire the skills to do the job” over time and can link appointment with skills development
  • Feedback –The company can now give clear, detailed and constructive feedback to applicants that has high face validity and is unlikely to be challenged

Using psychometrics as part of the interview process

We have developed an online psychometric solution to assist franchisors scientifically with the recruitment selection process to

  • Conduct meaningful, informed interviews
  • Determine development needs upfront
  • Higher potential for accurate selection
  • Peace of mind for the franchisee

Franchise specific psychometric assessment

The E-test is a psychometric test based on the Occupational Personality Questionnaire developed by CEB in the UK. This test is a key predictor of potential franchisee success in that it both a reliable (accurate) and valid (predicts job performance) psychometric instrument which has been selected based on scientific research and valid South African norms group or benchmarks

The E-Test is an online assessment that can be completed at the applicant’s convenience by using a unique login name and password. The assessment consists of a series of statements that the individual has to assess and rate as it pertains to him or herself in a working environment.
The E-Test focuses on the competencies required to be a successful franchise, which includes:

1. Essential Competencies

  • Deciding and initiating action
  • Leading and supervising
  • Analysing
  • Planning and Organising
  • Delivering results and meeting customer expectations
  • Coping with pressure and setbacks

2. Desirable Competencies

  • Working with people
  • Adhering to principles and values
  • Relating and networking
  • Achieving personal work goals and objectives

Thus, the result of the questionnaire shows an indication to fit between an individual’s own unique preferences and competencies required for being a franchisee i.e. will the person be able to fit into the brand and be able to run the operation successfully?

The Franchisor receives a detailed report of each applicant, which identifies their compatibility with the franchisee profile as well as areas for development through training by a supervising psychologist. More importantly the franchisees also receive feedback on their results from a psychologist.

Ultimately the E-Test results will assist you in shortlisting the applicants for the interview stage.

How to conduct Behavioural Event Interviews

  • This type of interviewing will assist with avoiding biases and the focus is on screening candidates in, rather than screening them based on the results of psychometrics only
  • It is a predictor of future behaviour based on past behaviour in similar circumstances
  • It elicits in-depth situational answers
  • It avoids “yes/no” responses
  • Example: You are looking for a good team player, a good question to ask is: “Can you give me an example of when you last influenced/challenged your team to achieve a positive result?”
  • Note to interviewer:
    • Question can be modified to fit the available position but it is important to ask every applicant the same set of questions
    • Focus on the applicant’s actions (I vs. We) to gain perspective on what they have personally accomplished
    • Pace the interview so that all the questions are covered – limit discussion time per question to cover diverse set of information

In Conclusion

Interviewing for success is not based on psychometrics alone. It should rather use the results of a psychometric assessment to ask relevant questions based on past behaviours. The result of a psychometric assessment, the outcome of the interview, the candidate’s experience and the cultural fit with the company should be considered together when making the decision to award a franchise

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