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Maria D’Amico

Franchise Law Expert

Maria D’Amico is an expert in commercial law, franchise law and high court law. In 1987 she completed her LLB in Law at WITS. She has continued to study and growing her skills throughout her career, ultimately leading her to the realm of franchising. As a result, she has made her mark in an incredibly daunting industry, ultimately influencing franchise law for the better.

Shortly after completing her articles, in 1990 Maria opened up her own law practice. In 2000 Maria qualified as a solicitor at the Institute of Law of the United Kingdom. In the latter part of the 2000’s Maria went on to complete the Canadian legal conversion exam.

Having previously served as an advisor to the Business Woman’s Association, Maria was instrumental in the merging of the BWA with two other women’s groups. Playing a role in an influential woman’s association drew attention to the considerable number of high powered business women in South Africa. Inspired by her peers, Maria continued to grow her career and the franchising sector.

Moving on from BWA, Maria became involved with FASA which has become, in her own words, ‘the high point of my career’. FASA led her career from being primarily litigation driven, to more commercial and namely contract based law.

These developments allowed for Maria’s involvement in shareholder disputes, which require the knowledge of many aspects of commercial law in order to court on the various facets of the dispute. Maria’s understanding of the law in this regard is invaluable to anyone involved in franchising in order to maintain the implementation of legal and transparent transactions throughout.

Prior to the implementation of the Consumer Protection Act of 2009, Maria has prided herself in drafting commercial and franchise agreements which are easily read and understood by the general public. These, ‘easy style type of agreements’ have had an immensely positive impact on the franchise industry.

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