We believe in the ability of franchising
to achieve true economic empowerment
through small business creation.
Training forms an integral part
of any franchise value proposition.
Franchising Plus
are thought leaders in franchise
development in South Africa.
when implemented correctly
is a powerful tool to grow a business.
We help our clients to achieve
franchise success through hands-on
support and skills transfer.

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Why Is Training Your Franchisees So Important?

Why Is Training Your Franchisees So Important?

By Natalie Veli With the end goal for franchisees to be effective at managing and operating their franchise, they must undergo well organised, formal franchise training. Why do Franchisors need to provide training? To help your franchisees lay solid foundations on...

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Back to Basics… Customer Service

Back to Basics… Customer Service

By Lesley-Caren Johnson As we are all aware, the Coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown in our country has had a detrimental effect on the economy, and on just about every business. Every day we hear the statistics pertaining to unemployment, the number of people who...

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Franchising Recovery Begins

Issued by FASA From negotiating rental relief with landlords and royalty fees with franchisors to asking for relaxed loan repayments with banks, franchise operators continue their battle to survive the Covid-19 lockdown as trade starts under Level 3 for some franchise...

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How cancer prepared my small business for Covid-19

By Annie Baptiste Disclaimer: This article was initially written in 2019 and it was titled: How my small business survived cancer.  On reading it now, it almost feels smug, in the face of our current reality in lockdown. However, cancer was the catalyst to...

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