Franchising Plus launched a world-wide first in the last week of March when we launched the Social Franchise Incubator with UCT’s Bertha Centre and the ICSF (International Centre for Social Franchising). Both launches in Cape Town and Johannesburg were well attended. Guest speakers from successful South African social franchises included Lynda Touissant of Unjani Clinics and Merle Allsopp of Isibindi, a child care project.

[Attending the Social Franchise Accelerator launch were (from left to right) Khetiwe Cele (UCT Bertha Centre), Anita du Toit (Franchising Plus), Lynda Touissant (MD: Unjani), Dr Francois Bonnici (UCT Bertha Centre)]

The Social Franchise Accelerator will select 10 organisations to attend an intensive training programme. Of these, three organisations will be selected for further development and mentoring. The objective is to assist these organisations to scale through social franchising.

There is a lot of interest in this project and it seems that the awareness of social franchising as a means to create sustainable, scaleable projects is growing. We will be providing updates of the project as it progresses.