Franchising 101 – The Ultimate Guide To Buying a Franchise


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Dear Future Franchisee

Congratulations! If you are reading this, you are probably considering investing in a business and you have started taking the steps towards a new future.

No investment opportunity should be taken lightly and this is why the information in this Downloadable workbook should be used as a guide to self-test, study and implement in your journey towards self-employment.

It has been proven that franchise businesses are four times more likely to succeed than individually owned, small start-ups.

Our advice to you is to follow the steps outlined, use the checklists supplied and do your research thoroughly.  If you follow these procedures you will choose the best franchise for you, thus securing your financial future as well as “buy” yourself a job that you will not only enjoy going to every day, but will also be an investment with a higher than average return.

Good luck and enjoy the ride!
The Franchising Plus Team

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Topics include:

  • Introduction and overview of franchising
  • Building solid foundations for franchising
  • Financials and planning
  • Development of the franchise package
    • Support office structure
    • Operations & Procedures Manual
    • The Franchise Agreement
    • Disclosure Document
    • Recruitment & Selection Package
  • Site selection criteria
  • Training
  • Marketing the Franchise
  • Franchisee Selection, Recruitment and Induction
  • How to meet and exceed franchisee expectations

*Price includes VAT

Topics include:

  • Introduction
  • Franchising
  • Owner operated franchising formats
  • Various options for business expansion & their main characteristics
  • Roles & Responsibilities 
  • Typical franchise support office
  • Role of the bank
  • The franchise landscape in South Africa
  • Franchise business categories
  • Commonly experienced pitfalls
  • 14 key steps to opening a franchise
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