Social media for franchises has become the norm for franchise owners who wish to connect and engage with their socially savvy customers. Gone are the days where your franchise can afford to not be on social media.

The challenge for franchisors is education of their franchisees to ensure ROI without losing the essence of the brand in a social world. Jessica McEndoo: Head of Content and Social Media Strategy @ BlueMagnet offers training courses on content strategy and social media to align your team.

She investigated 3 brands who are leveraging social media to the benefit of both their customers as well as their brands. Jessica talks best practice and gives some handy tips on setting out to take the social world by storm.

Before spending money on social media for your franchise

A franchisor needs to consider both the franchise opportunities as well as the constraints / considerations of the brand and franchisee.

To ensure success of the franchise “social persona” both the franchisor and their franchisees need to have a good understanding of their target market.

Should social media feel daunting, try to think of it as creating your business plan, with a SWOT analysis and business objectives that you want to achieve within a certain time period.

Social media for franchise opportunities makes sense and there are 5 rules to revisit regarding your marketing.

Ask yourself; “I want to be on ….. (Facebook, Twitter etc.) and why you want to be there”. If you do not have an answer to the “why” then don’t take on that platform. It needs to make business sense.

Here are 5 quick “DO” action items when planning your social media for your franchises;

1. ASK: Do adequate research;

  1. How do your customers talk online
  2. Where are they talking

2. BENCHMARK: Do a mini audit;

  1. What assets do you have
  2. What assets do your competitors have

3. SWOT: Do investigate;

  1. List your strengths and weaknesses
  2. Outline possible opportunities and threats

4. PLAN: Do create a strategy;

  1. Decide on the activities you would like to do
  2. Map your activities to your business goals

5. ACTION: Do start your social media

  1. Listen to the market and have conversations
  2. Measure your response and enjoy

Smart business opportunities using social media for franchises

Implementation of social media into your brand strategy with clear business objectives ensures that your franchise remains relevant in the modern world.

Brand buzz and influencer marketing are key differentiators in franchising. It allows your customers to connect with your brand in an environment where they feel comfortable.

By making your franchise accessible you will benefit from long-term relationships and repeat business. Gone are the days where marketing was a “tell and push” strategy.

Being smart means you need to listen, engage and build your franchise into a trusted “friend” online. This will create brand evangelists for your small business.

5 amazing reasons social media in your franchise makes you a winner;

  1. Create brand awareness
  2. Have the ability to engage
  3. Build trust
  4. Generate leads
  5. Make sales

3 ROI franchise wins

Following the 10 guidelines in using social media promotion you are set to succeed on ensuring your brand will experience a real ROI due to your marketing efforts.

Franchise opportunities are heightened when social media is implemented throughout your business. We look at the following 3 examples of social media in franchises we offer.

1. Subway®

As SUBWAY® has the most locations, over 44 600 restaurants in over 100 countries, in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry social media makes for exciting times for the brand.

With nearly 26 million fans, their strategy of engagement i.e. “we are here to listen” and “we care about your opinion” works extremely well.

The main driver however, while sharing updates and behind the scenes information to engage, is to download the app. This means more online orders, which means more sales which in turn produces ROI, not to mention the nearly 4 million people who have mentioned the brand and shared “I have been here”.

Subway® likeability beats the average:

2. Galito’s

When owning a Galito’s franchise brand the social media opportunity for your franchise is to take advantage of the # revolution. From #HANGRY and #BringABuddy you have a chance to show you are relevant to your local target market, have a specific “social persona” and to start conversations to keep customers happy and coming back for more.

With over 23 000 followers, the real franchise opportunity lies in everyday customers giving the brand their stamp of approval. They have managed to build brand evangelists who Tweet about how great the Galito’s chicken tastes, this builds trust and has a ripple effect.

People buy from people, 90% of peers trust their friends for brand recommendations and only 14% trust advertising. The ROI here is the brand gets WOM (word of mouth advertising) at a fraction of the cost, which ultimately means money in the b

Galito’s Chicken circle of influence:

3. Domino’s

You could grow as the franchise has in South Africa. Domino’s Pizza have over 70 stores in a little over 2 years.

As a fun and fresh pizza brand, they have seen success in displaying their exciting offers with Instagram. The message is simple “follow the fun”. Savvy franchisors will know that with YouTube reaching a level of saturation, Instagram makes for smart business opportunities.

Using eye-catching imagery allows for the #dominoseffect to entice customers to speak to the brand using their own images, which ultimately speaks for the brand. A picture does speak a 1000 words.

User Generated Content (UGC) sells the brand, fans share their experience and yummy pictures which in turn leads to more of their friends buying into the experience and eating more pizzas.

UCG lead to experience sharing and “moreish” imagery

Smart business opportunities through social media for franchises

The social media revolution is here to stay, with the rise of the new age customer with a world at their fingertips, franchisors and franchisees can work together to make a success of their franchise.

Work together, educate each other, implement best practice and take your brand to new social heights on the right platform to meet your franchise business goals.

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