Over the years we have been at the forefront of the move to take operations manuals online. For the most part, the requirements of the manual remain in the same, but the format and  presentation is different. The online manual is now presented in a user-friendly way, allowing users to easily search for the information and resources they need. Furthermore, updating the manual and making changes available to the network is a breeze and happens in real time. But there’s more! We have taken things a step further with the introduction of our complete franchise management portal which addresses franchisor complaints and concerns.

Are any of the following concerns or complaints applicable to your franchise network?

  • Communication a challenge in your network
  • Struggling to get things through to franchisees
  • Struggling with group benchmarking and reviewing of financial performance
  • Procedures not consistently implemented and applied across all business units
  • Franchisees find it difficult to find or locate procedures
  • There are countless versions of important documents and files – many outdated or irrelevant
  • Not knowing there is a problem until it’s too late
  • Field visits are inconsistent i.e. some franchisees feel neglected, and not accurately recorded
  • Franchisees not conforming to franchise standards
  • You are not sure how to add value to the network

These challenges exist in all organisations but become more visible and risky when a franchise network grows and expands.

We have the solution for you!

We have built, deployed, tested and refined a franchise management platform (FMP) to deal with a range of common franchise related challenges.

The system is designed to meet several key considerations:

  • A proven, carefully considered system using robust, world-leading technologies
  • An affordable platform that can cater to the needs of small and large organisations
  • A modular offering – we only give you, and you only pay, for what you need
  • Multi-platform (not limited to expensive and proprietary iPhones or iPads – our platform can run on almost any browser and device)
  • Designed to roll out quickly (we like getting something of value working in a matter of weeks, not months or years)
  • Branded and tailored to your specific needs
  • Built to grow and scale (franchises/brands/users)
  • Built to extend (additional modules and new functionality where appropriate)
  • Built to enable you to focus on your core business (we take care of all the technicalities, so you don’t need to)
  • Designed to bring order to the chaos and keep you in control

Herding Cats is a collaborative venture between Franchising Plus and Wordsparks – with more than twenty years of franchise consulting experience; and Strategy Architects – Pioneers in innovation consulting and specialised online software platforms.

The Herding Cats FMP is made up of three base modules (non-negotiable) as well as additional modules (some of which are optional).

The base modules include the following:

  • Content management module: online, secure, business operations and procedures manual (OPM), including OPM content and all additional / related resources. Drafting and development of OPM not included in Herding Cats – this is done separately if needed by a client.
  • User access control module: determining roles and permissions as well as capturing and maintenance of the user database to ensure site security and that all required people have access to the platform.
  • Basic territory management module: to model territories, franchisees and field service consultants.

The additional modules – as listed below – are generally determined with the client and based on the needs of the business. However, our typical first phase roll-out includes the base modules as well as modules 4 (Registered Mail Module), 5 (Franchise Admin Centre Module) and 6 (Monthly Turnover / Sales Declaration Module).

  • Registered mail: rich communication functionality allowing the franchisor to communicate with the franchise network and ensure that communication is received and read.
  • Franchise admin centre: an online filing system allowing both the franchisor and franchisees to upload and store key business documentation such as statutory forms, lease agreements, franchise agreements etc. as well as store-specific information. The filing system is set up to allow for expiry dates of important documentation so that notifications and reminders can be sent to responsible party(ies) prior to expiration for actioning.
  • Monthly turnover/sales declaration: allows for franchisee declaration of turnover (and POS system report upload if necessary) every month so that management services and marketing fees can be calculated timeously and ensure franchisees verify their declarations.
  • Online checklist(s): allows for network-wide monitoring, escalation and improved service standards. We would require an electronic copy of your current store visit checklist(s). This module to be scoped with the client in order to identify preferences in terms of the presentation of the online checklist(s) and reporting requirements on completion thereof.
  • Offline capability: for specified forms and functions (to be scoped with client) for times when connectivity is slow or non-existent.
  • Advanced territory management: optional extensions to manage appointments, call rates, objectives, outcomes etc.; to manage field service consultants and their engagement with franchisees, logging of checklists / reports.
  • Complaints: logging, collating and workflow management and closeout of customer complaints.
  • Data consolidation platform: for bringing data from your POS, accounting systems together with other data for rich, friendly dashboards and reports.
  • Process management solution: fits a variety of processes, e.g. resource booking, travel approval, expense management, fleet management, repair tracking, store rollout and revamp tracking, performance management, leads management etc.)

In addition to the existing modules, Herding Cats Franchisee Management Platform allows for the customisation of the various modules and we are able to build specific modules to meet the client and business needs – we do not insist on a one-size-fits-all approach. Therefore, it makes this offering relatively flexible, allowing for tailor-made business solutions.

Contact us for more information and discuss your business and franchising needs – we’ll arrange a presentation to you and your team.

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