The World’s Greatest Multi-Store Leadership Programme, is what.

By Annie Baptiste

For years I have been training on conducting an effective field visit and have customized this programme significantly to incorporate everything a field service manager/area manager needs to know. The focus has always been on the tools, checklists and company policies that can add real value for the franchisee and/or store manager and obviously also on improving the franchisee and franchisors businesses.

Recently I have realized that, even though you can supply tools and methodology, individuals differ and not everyone is personally equipped with the necessary interpersonal and self-management skills to implement the knowledge and workplace tools properly.

Enter, my colleague Larry Hodes, who has always believed that personal development is the key to delivering a successful training intervention. With our combined knowledge and experience in both the retail and restaurant industries we have worked tirelessly to combine our cumulative knowledge into, what we know is: The World’s Greatest Multi-Store Leadership Programme.

The eight day course, spread over three months is divided into eight critical modules that cover both the personal development as well as practical implementation that is needed to be a good FSC/Area Manager. The programme also includes after-course care, as delegates then become part of the Multi-Store Leader Club, which includes regular updates, webinars, motivation and group discussions.

This programme has been developed to ensure implementation happens in the workplace. Our methods, templates and tools have proven that delegates achieve more after completion of our courses; that stores perform better and that store managers and/or franchisees buy into and support head office initiatives.

Research has proven that good training can reduce employee turnover, increase productivity and profit margins.

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