Developing your team is beneficial for you, your organisation and the person being trained. Your employee’s performance as well as the performance of your business will definitely improve with an investment in our two TOP SELLING training courses.

Managing Franchisee Performance

This training course empowers the team that deals with franchisees such as:

  • Regional Managers,
  • Area Managers,
  • Business Consultants,
  • Field Service Consultants, or whatever title you give them to execute their roles more effectively.

If you provide the knowledge and tools for them to add real value to the franchisees, then the whole system benefits. Most of the time these employees spend time running from pillar to post and don’t achieve much impact in a day as they are out fighting fires.

This course equips them with an understanding of franchisees and an understanding of what their role is. Being the middle-woman/man between the organisation and the franchisees is a tough role to play. Your team needs to know and understand how to balance their activities to benefit both parties.

The first date for online training is: 17 – 19 February 2021, otherwise, contact us if you would prefer for us to run it in-house.

Basic Business Acumen/Basic Business Skills

This training course is for franchisees. It should be a prerequisite training course for operating any franchised business.

Often franchisees come with boatloads of money which make us forget that they actually have a business that will need to be operated. Even a:

  • CA may need training in HR and Marketing.
  • A Marketing guru may need training in operational finance.
  • An experienced entrepreneur often needs training on franchising and how it works. Remember, being an entrepreneur and a franchisee are quite different roles.

This training equips franchisees with skills in all areas required to run a business holistically. It also emphasises the fact that the franchisee is buying a business and not a lifestyle.

If you want skilled, engaged franchisees, that can add value to your business then make contact with us to book this training. Online or classroom-based options are available.

The first date for online training is: 8 – 12 February 2021

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