By Annie Baptiste

Let’s be honest.  Even if you don’t love your job there are little moments of triumph that boost your ego, your self-confidence and your profile in the business.  And all of these add to your work persona.

If you love your job like me, these moments become a little like a drug.  Bursts of adrenalin before presenting, that ego floaty feeling you get when you are praised for a job well done or the feedback is great.  Or that giddy happiness you get when you’ve successfully landed and/or completed, that big job.

I’ve been on a constant “high” since lockdown started, because not only have I been busy with awesome things, I have landed some new work, and the feedback has been great so far.  My drug of choice has been available to me throughout this lockdown.

I can only empathise and sympathise with those that do not have access to their work “drug” of choice.  I know for a fact, I would be severely down if my fix couldn’t be had.

I have given some thought to how I would deal, if my work fix of choice dried up, whilst still in lockdown.  Maybe these ideas could help you?

  1. Build a home-made water-cooler and force the family to hang out there to talk about TV
  2. Write that proposal for that idea you have had for years, but never had the time to put pen to paper.
  3. Try to get big on social media – I’ve already strategized how I am going to tag @vusithembekwayo and hope for a retweet.
  4. Bake a sourdough bread – apparently this is now a thing.  I’m sure my family will be my cheerleaders on this?
  5. Write an article and get it published
  6. Figure out my Grade 8 daughter’s maths. “Working-mother-of-the-year-award-alert”
  7. Watch all one hundred and eleventy episodes of Game of Thrones. Then I can finally participate in some of those water cooler conversations.
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