Last year the first ever FNB Franchise Leadership Summit held in conjunction with Franchising Plustook place on the 28th of November 2012. The line-up featured the who’s who of franchising in South Africa and included Nando’s founder Robert Brozin, MD of McDonald’s SA Greg Solomon and CEO of Taste Holdings, Carlo Gonzaga.

Robert Brozin Greg Solomon Carlo Gonzaga.
Robert Greg Carlo Gonzaga - Taste

Many attendees told us that it was the best event they have ever attended, you can’t afford to miss it this year!

The event is headlined by YUM SA, with both the franchisor (Doug Smart) and franchisee of the year for 2012 (Burt Gunning) participating.

Doug Smart Burt Gunning
Doug Burt

This year features a host of different topics that will give you the insight and inspiration to take your franchise to the next level. The event is ideal for franchisors, franchise management teams and multi-unit owners. If you are considering franchising your business, this event will provide you with unprecedented learning on the real workings of franchising.

For the first time ever – a property panel on franchising.

Franchisors and property owners seldom sit around a table to discuss the issues they deal with in franchise development. This year, the Franchise Leadership Summit features a property panel consisting of prominent franchisors and property owners to discuss how landlords and franchisors can work together to stimulate small business growth. Participants include Carlo Gonzaga, CEO of Taste, Wilma Lombard-Maree, Development Director at McDonald’s SA, Jeff Zidel Chairman of Fortress Income Fund and co-founder of Resilient Properties and Louis van der Watt, the Group CEO of Atterbury Property Holdings.

Carlo Gonzaga Wilma Lombard-Maree Jeff Zidel Louis van der Watt Hildegarde Riphagen
Carlo Gonzaga - Taste Wilma Jeff Louis Hildegarde Riphagen

How to make multi-unit franchising work

KFC are the masters of multi-unit franchise ownership, a strategy they have pursued and perfected both in South Africa and globally. With scarcity of resources and the growing importance of economies of scale, many franchises are pursuing multi-unit ownership as the preferred method of growth. But what are the challenges and potential negatives? How should franchisors and franchisees navigate the waters of this type of franchise relationship? Doug Smart, MD of Yum SA and Burt Gunning, KFC Franchisee of the year for 2012 will give us their perspectives on this topic in a panel on multi-unit ownership.

The entrepreneurs and their success stories

One of the best features of last year’s Summit was the incredible success stories of South African entrepreneurs succeeding against all odds. From Robert Brozin starting Nando’s against a global competitor to Arthur Gillis growing the Protea Hotel chain throughout Africa, their stories inspired us. This year is no different as we feature the incredible success stories of local entrepreneurs. Brian Coppin had retail in his blood and co-founded the largest fresh produce retailer in South Africa, Fruit and Veg City. Ian Fuhr took a journey that led him from a retail chain sold to Edcon, to a record company, a race relations consultancy and then to the health and beauty sector when he co-founded The Sorbet Group. In between all of that he bought a share in the Lion Park outside of Johannesburg. Come listen to their stories to be inspired by entrepreneurship at its best.

Ian Fuhr Brian Coppin
Ian Brian

Are you engaging your customers?

In the ever competitive world of retail, products are vying for the attention of consumers. How do you engage customers? How do you ensure that in-store promotions work? Smollan is a diversified marketing services company, focused on providing visibility, mobility and intelligence for a vast spectrum of well-loved brands. Sean Leas, Executive Director, will share their insights into the importance of engaging the customer in the first fifty metres of entering the store to ultimately improve sales.

Sean Leas

Decoding digital media

Many franchises remain wary of digital marketing. The maze of social media, electronic ads, applications and website marketing can be daunting. FNB has put together a panel of experts on this topic to demystify digital media and to highlight best practices for franchisors and smaller businesses.

Day 2: Franchisee Event

FNB has also sponsored a second day aimed at educating potential franchisees on franchising including how to research a franchise, how to finance a franchise, the franchisee profile and importance of cultural fit, implications of the CPA, importance of site selection and an interactive panel consisting of franchise experts and franchisors. If your franchisees, potential franchisees or your team members are interested in this event, you can learn all about it on the website:

Early bird special now on

As you can see, the Franchise Leadership Summit will yet again showcase franchising’s best.

The early bird special of R2 200 (excl VAT) is now available for a limited period. Seats to the event are also limited, so book your seat today and don’t miss out on this premium event. For more information, see the website or email Giuli Osso on